Steve Pine

Steve Pine grew up in an Air Force family traveling and living in various states and foreign countries throughout his childhood, finally graduating high school in Japan. Steve is a retired public-school teacher and administrator, having spent several years with the Department of Defense schools in Europe, several in Oregon, and seven years in various schools in the Bush of Alaska. He currently owns and operates an In-Home Care agency in Bend, where he has lived since Fall of 2018.

Steve first came to Bend to ski and play in the late 70’s during his time at the university in Monmouth, and when it was time to find a place to retire, Bend was his first choice. His interest in community development is what drew Steve to the MVNA board, and his emphasis is ensuring that as Bend grows, it retains its charm and character and assures a balanced, citizen-centric approach to its future.

Steve is the Treasurer on the Mountain View Neighborhood Board and serves as the Board’s Neighborhood Leadership Alliance representative.