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One of our primary goals is to monitor land use and development in our neighborhood.

Our Land Use Chair is Carol Elwood.

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about land use in our neighborhood.

For more information about Land Use in general or how to submit an effective public comment on a land use issue or development application, please see our Frequently Asked Questions!

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July 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood


  • Neighborhood Meeting about proposed apartment building at 1301 Medical Center Drive. 4-story apartment building to have 135 dwelling units, plus club room, fitness area, outdoor pool & BBQ. Meeting will be hybrid zoom or in person at Liz Cafe in The Alexander. August 16th, 6 pm.
  • Application for Short Term Rental at 62911 Nasu Park Loop. Comments accepted through 8/5/2022.
  • Approval of Short Term Rental at 2958 NE Deborah Ct.
  • Short Term Rental Application, 2119 Mistletoe Ct. Comments accepted through August 3, 2022. 
  • Planning Commission Hearing about updates to Sign Code map. August 8, 2022, 5:30 pm.
  • Code Draft pertaining to Home Energy Score. Open House and Q&A August 1st, 3 pm
  • Approval of Short Term Rental at 850 NE Robin Ct.
  • Approval of Short Term Rental at 3393 NE Wild Rivers Loop.
  • Approval of Short Term Rental at 2707 NE Canyon Park Place.
  • Notice of updates to Bend Development Code regarding Signs, 9.50 BDC. Planning Commission Work Session July 25. Planning Commission Hearing August 8th. City Council 1st Reading August 17th. City Council 2nd Reading September 7th. See here for details of code changes, and how to attend any of these meetings.
  • Public Neighborhood Meeting Wednesday 7/6/2022, 6 pm. Pre-application opportunity for neighbors to hear about a proposed residential development at 2101 Holliday, near Purcell. Proposal is for one 3-story building containing 30 unit “micro-unit” residences. Two drive-aisles will be included in the lot. A variance is sought for parking. For properties 1/4 mile from Transit service parking requirements are .5 spaces per unit. This project is 1/4 mile + 6 feet, and proposes to have 23 spaces for 30 units, which is 70% of parking that would be required for projects more than 1/4 mile from Transit.

Mixed Use Building at Connors and Tucson

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