Transportation – Neff-Purcell Improvements and Wells Acres-Butler Mkt Roundabout 2/14/2023

Potential Conflicts with construction projects.

Per City’s Project Engineer

The two intersections will not be closed at the same time. The current plan is to close the Neff and Purcell Intersection on February 22nd and construction of the improvements are expected to last until mid to late summer. When the construction of the Neff and Purcell intersection is completed and the closure is removed, then the City will close the intersection at Butler Market and Wells Acres and begin construction of the Roundabout. The timing of the Butler Market and Wells Acres construction is subject to change if there are any construction delays at the Neff and Purcell intersection. During each of the intersection closures there will be detours implemented to keep traffic following.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Evan Malone, PE

Project Engineer

Office: 541-388-5525
Engineering and Infrastructure Planning Department