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City of Bend News Release – Community Survey Results – 1/18/2023

By Mike Whitter / January 19, 2023

Community Survey Results Show Concern About Housing and Homelessness

For Immediate Release
Jan. 18, 2023

Contact: Mayor Melanie Kebler



Every two years, the City of Bend commissions a Community Survey, which serves as one of many inputs to City Councilors as they embark on their two-year goal setting process. Council goals provide direction to City staff

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City of Bend News Release – 12/21/2022

By Mike Whitter / December 22, 2022

A year-end wrap-up message from Councilor Megan Perkins on houselessness:


“As the end of the year approaches, I want to reflect on what we’ve done over the last twelve months to support solutions to houselessness.

Some of those solutions come in the form of brick and mortar – literal beds and buildings with roofs and heat.

Other solutions focus

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City of Bend News Release – E-bike Rebate Grant 12/21/2022

By Mike Whitter / December 22, 2022

City Wins E-bike Rebate Grant

The City won a $150,000 Mobility Grant from Pacific Power to fund a rebate program to help low-income households in Bend purchase electric bicycles.

The electric bike (e-bike) instant rebate program will provide a rebate of $2,000 each to 75 qualified transportation-disadvantaged, low-income households in Bend to be used toward the

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City of Bend News Release – Butler Mkt & Wells Acres Roundabout 12/15/2022

By Mike Whitter / December 15, 2022

Open House for the Butler Market & Wells Acres Roads Single Lane Roundabout

Improving the intersection of Butler Market and Wells Acres roads has been a priority for the surrounding neighborhoods for many years. In fall 2022, the City began working on design for a roundabout in this location to improve safety and efficiency for all modes of travel. The

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La Ciudad de Bend Comunicado de prensa – Encuesta comunitaria 12/13/2022

By Mike Whitter / December 13, 2022

Comunicado de prensa

Encuesta comunitaria por internet;

los resultados se compartirán con el Consejo Municipal

La Ciudad de Bend busca obtener los comentarios de la comunidad para orientar su dirección y prioridades para los próximos dos años. La ciudad recientemente concluyó una encuesta telefónica que pidió a los participantes responder a varias preguntas sobre

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