Streets and Sidewalks


Streets in Bend are broken down into the following categories depending on expected use: major arterials, minor arterials, collectors, and residential streets. The following are the classifications for some of the streets in our boundaries. You can learn more from the City of Bend, Street Operations and Maintenance and the map linked here shows future development of streets according to the Bend Transportation Plan.

    • Major Arterials: NE 27th Street
    • Minor Arterials: Butler Market, Neff Road
    • Collectors: Purcell, Wells Acres
    • Residential: NE Providence, Daggett Lane, NE Jackson

Problems on your street?

Contact the City of Bend Street Operations and submit a Citizen Service Request for a variety of needs including reporting a pothole, adding a speed sign, or improved visibility due to overgrown vegetation.

Additional resources: Winter Street Operations, sign up to receive the Weekly Traffic Report via email


Sidewalk maintenance rules in Bend state that the sidewalk in front of your residence or business is your responsibility to maintain. This includes keeping it clear from vegetation and shoveling the snow from it.

See the information below from the City of Bend website on Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal 

  • “All commercial properties must remove snow and ice from the sidewalk within six hours of daylight after the snow has fallen
  • All residential properties have 24 hours to remove snow after it has fallen.
  • When shoveling snow, be sure to keep all of the snow on your property. Snow cannot be moved from the sidewalk into the street.”

See the information below from the City of Bend website on Sidewalk Program and Compliance

  • “Per  City Code 3.30.020 Property owners are responsible of maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their property in good repair and unobstructed.  You will need a right-of-way permit from the City to complete repairs”