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MVND Invitation – Block Party & General Membership Meeting – June 16th 2022

By Mike Whitter | June 1, 2022

MVND Block Party &
General Membership Meeting


Block Party &
General Membership Meeting

  • June 16th 5-8 pm at Al Moody Park
  • Community information tables from 5-6 pm
  • Guest speaker Zavi Borja from City of Bend
  • Live music with Coyote Willow from 6 – 8 pm
  • Bring a picnic or enjoy pizza provided by MVND
  • Free ice cream to celebrate summer



MVND – Graffiti Removal around Bend – Reference Guide

By Mike Whitter | May 4, 2022

Graffiti Removal around Bend

A Quick Reference Guide Compiled by the MVND 

Graffiti is considered vandalism and falls under criminal mischief or a public nuisance crime. We do not encourage people to simply cover up graffiti; reporting it ensures that these crimes are officially documented and can help law enforcement in identifying repeat perpetrators. Thank you for keeping our neighborhoods free of damaging graffiti and preventing this vandalism.


  • Deschutes County:
    • As stated on the Deschutes County Community Justice website, “There is no cost for graffiti removal services. When a report is received, an officer attempts to identify the victim(s) and get a Graffiti Removal Waiver (Provided in the Supporting Documents at the bottom of this page) to either remove or repaint over the graffiti. If the property owner does not have paint or cannot afford to buy it, staff do their best to match colors and get paint through donations, or the department buys it directly from local suppliers.”
    • Residents are to call the number provided on the web page to start the process for graffiti removal assistance. 
  • City of Bend:
    • Submit a Citizen Service Request for graffiti damage to City property, including street signs. Be sure to include the exact location of the sign or property, and it is very helpful to include a picture. 
  • Bend Police Department:
    • Filing a police report for graffiti would fall under Criminal Mischief (Vandalism).
    • Pictures can be helpful as sometimes graffiti can be recognizable for certain characteristics that might connect the vandalism to a specific perpetrator. 
  • Bend Parks and Recreation:
    • This Bend Parks and Rec page includes numbers to call to report many maintenance issues, including graffiti and/or vandalism. 
  • Utility boxes: 
    • For Pacific Power utility boxes, using the customer service contact form, you can report the specific location of the utility box; most boxes also have identification numbers you can submit, too. 
  • U.S. Postal Service:
    • This form allows citizens to report vandalism to postal boxes. Again, specific location information and identifying numbers will help the process.

Neighborhood Liaisons News Update 3-3-22 – Summary Safety Issues

By Mike Whitter | March 3, 2022
Below are the summary safety issues received from Neighborhood Liaison (NL) feedback in February of 2022.  11 people responded out of 45 total Neighborhood Liaisons.  The summary is limited to specific NL locations.

Note: The number, after street/location, indicates # of responses to that specific street/location.

Al Moody Park – 1

  • vandalism, tagging and evidence of drug use

Daggett – 4

  • Speeding
  • Wells Acres and Daggett intersection unsafe
  • Bicycling through roundabouts and on Daggett is unsafe
  • Walking is unsafe especially at intersections but also along Daggett

Dalton and Belleview Dr. – 1

  • limited visibility

Hope Drive – 1

  • Vehicle parking and limited visibility

Oak Tree HOA  (close to 27th and Conners) – 1

  • Tucson and Yellow Ribbon used as bypass instead of 27th
  • Turning left onto 27th from Yellow Ribbon or Connors very difficult during business day

Pecoraro Loop – 1

  • Parked cars onto sidewalks unsafe

Providence – 1

  • Providence and Barrington Ct, Povidence use as bypass need to slow traffic dow
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety, a lot of activity, should be consider for a greenway
  • Providence and Locksley (this is an area with limited sight distance and could utilize a 4 way stop).

Purcell – 1

  • Purcell and Paula intersection, limited visibility

Savannah Drive – 1

  • Speeding and used as a short cut street

Snowberry – 1

  • No issues

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