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July 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood / July 7, 2022


  • Neighborhood Meeting about proposed apartment building at 1301 Medical Center Drive. 4-story apartment building to have 135 dwelling units, plus club room, fitness area, outdoor pool & BBQ. Meeting will be hybrid zoom or in person at Liz Cafe in The Alexander. August 16th, 6 pm.
  • Application for Short Term Rental at
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June 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood / June 2, 2022


  • Notice of updates to Bend Development Code regarding Signs, 9.50 BDC. Planning Commission Work Session July 25. Planning Commission Hearing August 8th. City Council 1st Reading August 17th. City Council 2nd Reading September 7th. See here for details of code changes, and how to attend any of these meetings.
  • Public Neighborhood Meeting
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May 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood / May 23, 2022


  • Application for Short Term Rental, 62509 Eagle Rd.  Comment period will close June 7th, 2022.
  • Approval of Site Plan and Variances requested by Affinity Senior Housing, Mary Rose Place/NE 27th. Variances were for height and reduction in required bicycle parking. See here for details.
  • Hybrid Public Hearing June 15, 2022, 7pm in
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April 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood / April 5, 2022


  • Public Hearing with City Council: Code amendments needed due to SB458, subsequent to HB2001. For middle income housing, law requires cities to allow subdivision of lots. For example a quad-plex built on a lot could be split into 4 lots, with 1 dwelling unit each. This would increase ownership opportunities. Hybrid in-person and virtual hearing will be May
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March 2022 Land Use Notices

By Carol Elwood / March 21, 2022
  • Short Term Rental Application at 748 NE Mason Rd. Comments accepted through 4/14/22.
  • Short Term Rental Application at 21626 Butler Market Road. This is not in MVNA, although we are the closest NA to the property. It is in an Urbanizable Area (UA) that is the “expansion area” between city limits and UGB
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