Town Hall on 4/25/22 – New Shelter Codes Discussion

Monday, April 25th, 2022

-arrival time is 5:15pm to complete registration and submit panelist questions.

-Town Hall to promptly start at 5:30pm

Meeting Invitation for 4/25/2022

Bend residents have been clamoring for an opportunity to discuss the new shelter code changes in a forum that allows them to hear the facts and ask questions. In response, Bend residents, collectively, are hosting Town Hall Meetings with panelists.


The objectives are to:

  • Educate Bend residents on the proposed shelter code changes
  • Describe programs that successfully serve the houseless
  • Discuss with the panel their expectations related to proposed shelter code changes – Engage in productive dialogue via Q&A with the panel  Panel of Speakers:
  • Deschutes County Commissioner: Patti Adair
  • Bend City Councilor: Megan Perkins
  • Bend Chief of Police: Mike Krantz
  • Houseless Service Provider: Alan Evans (CEO Helping Hands ReEntry Org)

~Hosted by Neighborhood Districts and BendCares

(a group of caring Bend residents)


Optional Donations:

We would welcome donations for our costs and we will give any remainder to programs serving the houseless.

Link to Go Fund Me:



Other Town Hall event: Wednesday, April 27th at 5:15pm (separate evite to register)


Thank you for your time and care!