MVNA is home to several major roads and therefore we also have our share of road and transportation projects. We make every effort to communicate with our neighbors about major developments in transportation and street safety.

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Transportation – Neff-Purcell Construction Update 7/21/2023

By Mike Whitter | July 24, 2023


Purcell Extension

  • Pre-paving preparation work continues on the new roadway section of the Purcell Boulevard extension. Paving of this section is targeted for late July. Purcell Boulevard will remain closed until the completion of the modernization.
  • Concrete curb and sidewalk through the extension portion has been completed.
  • The full closure of the modernization portion of Purcell Boulevard continues as crews continue to work on water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. Impacted properties will receive notice if their water service is expected to be impacted.
  • Demolition of existing right of way surfaces is ongoing.
  • Striping of bike lanes along Purcell Blvd from Butler Market Road to Robinson Street is scheduled to occur the first week of August. During striping and after striping is complete, there will be No parking allowed along Purcell Boulevard within this stretch of roadway.

Neff and Purcell Intersection

  • The franchise utilities, such as gas, power, cable, etc., are progressing towards completion of relocating facilities to their ideal locations and depths.
  • Replacement and installation of the sewer pipelines and manholes continues throughout all segments of the intersection.
  • Installation of the new stormwater systems is ongoing.
  • Excavation for the storm water system at the intersection of Cliff Drive and Neff Road continues.
  • Patch paving of Cliff Drive near Neff Road will be performed on Wednesday, July 26.


Commute Options

  • Commute Options is here to help you with transportation options during construction. Join the Neff/Purcell Improvement Project network on Get There Connect to match up in a carpool, explore your transit, biking, walking options, help reduce traffic and more! Sign up today and learn more about your chance to win a $50 gift card! Visit Commute Options for more information.

Project Communications

  • The City is committed to keeping neighbors, businesses and the community informed throughout the project through public informational meetings, mailings, emails and the project website. For more information, contact the project team at
  • Please contact us if you need any additional materials that would be helpful to spread the word to your patients, clients, customers and delivery personnel regarding detouring and closures.
  • Share the website information where others can also sign up for updates:


Neff and Purcell Intersection Detour Routes

  • Eastbound (south option) – go south on Eighth Street, east on Greenwood Avenue, north on 27th Street
  • Eastbound (north option) – go north on Eighth Street, east on Butler Market Road and south on 27th Street
  • Westbound (south option) – go south on 27th Street, west on Greenwood Avenue, north on Eighth Street
  • Westbound (north option) – go north on 27th Street, west on Butler Market Road and south on Eighth Street

Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes

Please use marked temporary pedestrian detours. Please be aware these temporary pedestrian access routes will change as needed during different phases of work.

Interactive Traffic Impacts Map

You may also monitor current and upcoming detours and closures at


This project is partly funded by the voter-approved 2020 Transportation General Obligation (GO) Bond. To learn about more projects around Bend included in the GO Bond, visit

Empire Extension Update Oct 2020

Empire Extension Update

All three roundabouts on Butler Market Road are now open! Cole Road running through the Petrosa Master Plan development remains closed.

Street preservation plans for 2020

Street preservation plans for 2020

The City is about to kick off a season of street preservation work all over town. Some paving will start this month, earlier than planned, due to changing circumstances around the state

The City Council authorized about $3.2 million for street preservation work in Bend this summer to improve about 77 lane miles of Bend’s roads. This includes inlay/overlay, chip seal,

City of Bend Snow and Ice Plans

Winter is on the way, and everyone is getting ready. The City has a plan for maintaining streets, and a winter tips website to help individuals know what to expect.

During winter snow operations, the City’s Streets & Operations Division prioritizes the highest-use streets that accommodate the most drivers and access hospitals, major employment areas, schools and transit routes. Priority routes receive de-icing, sanding, and plowing first. Get plowing information and maps here.

During the occasional extreme storms, it may be necessary to stay focused on clearing priority routes, which could mean postponing lower priority routes until the priority routes are safe and open to traffic. Lower-use streets—the local residential streets—are a lower priority. Alleys are not considered priorities.

Winter weather in Bend can range from inches to feet of snow, and conditions can vary widely in different areas of town. The City plans budgets and resources for the average winter, and adjusts operations for the occasional extreme storms, which can be challenging for everyone.

The City maintains 865 lane miles with two daily work shifts, 17 snow plow operators per shift and 24 pieces of equipment, from light-duty pickups to medium-duty dump trucks to heavy-duty (two motor graders) with plows.

To determine what operations are needed for any given storm, the Streets & Operations Division Manager considers many factors – snow accumulation, moisture content, presence of sleet, freezing rain or hail, temperatures and forecasts. One decision is whether to call in contractors to help. Contractors are typically called to help plow local residential roads during the occasional extreme storm events. Streets crews support and collaborate with Police and Fire to provide access for emergency services.

Go to to find plowing and sanding zone maps, Frequently Asked Questions and much more.Winter Preparation for everyone! 

Everyone has a responsibility to prepare for winter and there is more to think about than just the roads. That means getting resources and supplies lined up before the big storm hits. The City has a one-stop website for a lot of winter preparation tips. Learn what to expect and get information about street plowing, sidewalk shoveling and protecting your pipes and home and more, at Worried about driving in the snow? Be sure to peek at the Oregon Department of Transportation’s helpful winter driving guide.

Accommodation Information for People with Disabilities  
To obtain this information in an alternate format such as Braille, large print, electronic formats, etc. please contact Anne Aurand at 541-388-5573 or