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MVNA – Graffiti Removal around Bend – Reference Guide

By Mike Whitter / May 4, 2022

Graffiti Removal around Bend

A Quick Reference Guide Compiled by the MVNA 

Graffiti is considered vandalism and falls under criminal mischief or a public nuisance crime. We do not encourage people to simply cover up graffiti; reporting it ensures that these crimes are officially documented and can help law enforcement in identifying repeat perpetrators. Thank you for keeping our neighborhoods

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Neighborhood Liaisons News Update 3-3-22 – Summary Safety Issues

By Mike Whitter / March 3, 2022

Below are the summary safety issues received from Neighborhood Liaison (NL) feedback in February of 2022.  11 people responded out of 45 total Neighborhood Liaisons.  The summary is limited to specific NL locations.

Note: The number, after street/location, indicates # of responses to that specific street/location.

Al Moody Park – 1

  • vandalism, tagging and evidence of drug use
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