City of Bend Discusses Proposed Budget Cuts

​Due to COVID-19 related closures and economic impacts, the City of Bend anticipates a revenue shortfall this 2019-21 biennium between $7 million and $14.5 million.

“The City’s revenues come from people in Bend and visitors, and our region has experienced high unemployment, a drop in tourism and business closures,” said City Manager Eric King.

Budget shortfalls could begin affecting the City’s budget this summer. The City of Bend collects different revenues at different times, so the full budgetary impact of COVID-19 on the City of Bend will be unknown for many months. Anticipated Citywide revenue shortfalls as of today include:

  • $5.4 million to $11.4 million shortfall from room tax revenues;
  • $400,000 to $1.3 million shortfall from lower property tax collections;
  • $700,000 to $1.2 million shortfall from fines and citations; and
  • $650,000 shortfall from highway gas taxes.
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