Transportation – Neff-Purcell Construction Update 5/18/2023

Neff and Purcell Project Update – May 18, 2023

Post Date: 05/18/2023 10:20 AM
The project has been experiencing longer than expected infrastructure relocation and design adjustment work. We regret that the delays will impact the project schedule, and we understand the inconvenience this will cause. The intersection is estimated to be completed in fall 2023. However, the project team is committed to exploring tactics that will improve the timeline and open the roadway as soon as possible.

We understand the importance of this project for the community and the impact that this delay may have on our daily lives. We will make every effort to try to minimize the inconvenience caused by this work. However, we ask for your understanding and patience in this regard. We appreciate your support as we tackle this unforeseen issue.

Construction – May 18June 2

Purcell Extension 

Processing of the excavated and hammered material continues. The crushed rock will be repurposed for pipeline backfill and to change the grade of Neff Road through the intersection.

Subgrade prep work begins for the sidewalk, curbs and roadway.

Neff and Purcell Intersection 

The franchise utilities, such as power, internet, etc., continue relocating their facilities to ideal locations and depths. The contractor continues with excavation work.

Required tree removal will be taking place to make room for additional turn lanes and sidewalks. Trees will be preserved when feasible. New trees and landscape plants will be added as part of the project. See what trees will be preserved, removed and planted on the Landscape Exhibits on the project website.

Road Closures and Detours

Neff Road and Purcell Boulevard intersection, near St. Charles hospital in Bend, will be closed for reconstruction. Plan ahead and understand your detour route. Delays are expected. Give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Detour routes are listed below.*Closure dates are estimates and subject to change.

Detour routes:

  • Eastbound (south option) – go south on 8th Street, east on Greenwood Avenue, north on 27th Street
  • Eastbound (north option) – go north on 8th Street, east on Butler Market Road and south on 27th Street
  • Westbound (south option) – go south on 27th Street, west on Greenwood Avenue, north on 8th Street
  • Westbound (north option) – go north on 27th Street, west on Butler Market Road and south on 8th Street

Use marked temporary pedestrian access routes. Please note the temporary pedestrian access routes will change during different phases of work.

Interactive Traffic Impacts Map

You may also monitor current and upcoming detours and closures at

Project Communications

The City is committed to keeping neighbors, businesses and the community informed throughout the project through public informational meetings, mailings, emails and the project website. For more information, contact the project team at

Please contact us if you need any additional materials that would be helpful to spread the word to your patients, clients, customers and delivery personnel regarding detouring and closures.

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This project is partly funded by the voter-approved 2020 Transportation General Obligation (GO) Bond. To learn about more projects around Bend included in the GO Bond, visit