City of Bend Fireworks Update – June 2023

Reminder: Bend Fireworks Ban


The use and sale of fireworks are prohibited in Bend. This permanent prohibition on the sale and use of fireworks in Bend was created in 2021. There is an exception for certain permitted public displays such as the annual show at Pilot Butte.

The City is asking for the community’s support in keeping Bend safe by complying with the ban on fireworks.

Violations are subject to a maximum $750 fine and anyone whose fireworks causes property damage or injury could be subject to criminal or civil penalties.

To report the use of personal fireworks in the City of Bend, please email  Emails are not constantly monitored and do not elicit a police response but can help us collect information about violations.

The use of fireworks posing an immediate risk to people or property is considered an emergency and should be reported by calling 911.

Learn more about the ban.