Transportation – Neff-Purcell Construction Update 6/16/2023


Tips for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety in Road Work Construction Zones

If you need to pass through a construction site on foot, here are some safety tips that you can utilize to reduce your risk of accidents and injuries:

  • Keep your eye out for posted warning signs. Keep your distance from anything that could pose a risk to your safety; make sure to look for temporary barriers and signs that let you know where to go.
  • Watch your step. Always glance down as you walk so that you avoid any potential slips.
  • Make sure equipment operators can see you. As you pass a heavy piece of machinery, make sure that the operator can see you by making eye contact before continuing on.
  • Get through quickly. It’s natural for your mind to wander with curiosity while walking through a construction zone, but it’s important that you focus on being cautious, avoid cutting corners, and get through the site quickly and safely.
  • Walk your bike.


Sidewalks and curbs have been installed along the Purcell Boulevard extension.

Purcell extension construction near the intersection of purcell and courtney

Construction – June 19–23

Purcell Extension

A full closure of Purcell Boulevard from Full Moon Drive through Holliday Avenue will begin mid-week as demolition work begins. The intersection of Full Mood Drive and Purcell Boulevard will remain OPEN to traffic. The intersection of Holliday Avenue and Purcell Boulevard will be CLOSED to traffic – use posted detour.

Crews will begin installing stormwater structures.

Processing of the excavated and hammered material continues near Courtney Drive. The crushed rock will be repurposed for pipeline backfill and to change the grade of Neff Road through the intersection.

Neff and Purcell Intersection

Rock hammering and excavation continues for stormwater infrastructure improvements. Installation of sewer structures and pipe continues throughout the intersection.

The franchise utilities such as gas, power, cable, etc. are progressing towards completion of relocating facilities to their ideal locations and depths, the City’s contractor is able to begin the planned improvements of the Neff and Purcell intersection.


Commute Options

  • Commute Options is here to help you with transportation options during construction. Join the Neff/Purcell Improvement Project network on Get There Connect to match up in a carpool, explore your transit, biking, walking options, help reduce traffic and more! Sign up today and learn more about your chance to win a $50 gift card! Visit Commute Options for more information.

Project Communications

  • The City is committed to keeping neighbors, businesses and the community informed throughout the project through public informational meetings, mailings, emails and the project website. For more information, contact the project team at
  • Please contact us if you need any additional materials that would be helpful to spread the word to your patients, clients, customers and delivery personnel regarding detouring and closures.
  • Share the website information where others can also sign up for updates:


Neff and Purcell Intersection Detour Routes

  • Eastbound (south option) – go south on 8th Street, east on Greenwood Avenue, north on 27th Street
  • Eastbound (north option) – go north on 8th Street, east on Butler Market Road and south on 27th Street
  • Westbound (south option) – go south on 27th Street, west on Greenwood Avenue, north on 8th Street
  • Westbound (north option) – go north on 27th Street, west on Butler Market Road and south on 8th Street

Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes

Please use marked temporary pedestrian detours. Please be aware these temporary pedestrian access routes will change as needed during different phases of work.

Interactive Traffic Impacts Map

You may also monitor current and upcoming detours and closures at


This project is partly funded by the voter-approved 2020 Transportation General Obligation (GO) Bond. To learn about more projects around Bend included in the GO Bond, visit