Transportation – Speed Radar Sign Update 6/14/2023

Transportation Engineering has provided an update on speed radar signs in the MVND area.  Also included are instructions on how to view sign data that was collected.

Speed Radar Sign status:

  1. The first radar was just removed at Nolan / Crystal Springs – results are on website.  (See instructions below)
  2. Today – radar trailer will be deployed on Tucson near Laramie Way
  3. last radar will be deployed on June 28th on Weeping will requiring another trailer.

Instructions for accessing radar sign data:

  1. Go to City of Bend website
  2. Search ‘speed radar’ in search bar
  3. Click first link – speed radar program
  4. Scroll down to the link for ‘Neighborhood Speed Radar Program Details’ and click.
  5. Scroll down on page to map, click on any square to see results of a specific radar sign.