Neff and Purcell Intersection Project

Updates on the Neff and Purcell Intersection Project:

Transportation – Neff-Purcell Construction Update and School detours 2/23/2023

By Mike Whitter | February 23, 2023

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES – February 23 through March 1

Purcell Extension

Excavation and rock hammering will continue in the vicinity of the Purcell Extension. This work is necessary to prepare the site for the installation of new infrastructure.

Neff and Purcell Intersection

As of February 22, 2023, the Neff and Purcell intersection has been closed and a traffic control detour is implemented. This detour will redirect traffic around the construction zone (see the above map).

In coordination with franchise utility companies, work within the intersection has started with underground utility relocations to allow for the intersection improvements. This work requires multiple synergistic efforts between independent agencies. Over the upcoming weeks, start and completion cycles will overlap as allowed during each work day.
Pilot Butte Middle School families will receive student drop-off and pick-up communication directly from the school. Information will be available on the school website.

    Public transportation via Cascade East Transit will have route adjustments and stop closures. Details can be found at

    Pilot Butte Middle School families will receive communication directly from the school. Information will also be available on the school website

Project Communications

The City is committed to keeping neighbors, businesses and the community informed throughout the project through the project website, public informational meetings, mailings and emails. For more information, contact the project team at

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This project is partially funded by the voter-approved 2020 Transportation General Obligation (GO) Bond. To learn about more projects around Bend included in the GO Bond, visit

Transportation – Neff and Purcell Full Closure starting 2/22/2023

By Mike Whitter | February 17, 2023

Neff & Purcell Improvements Project Update – February 16, 2023

Post Date: 02/16/2023 7:30 PM

The Neff Road and Purcell Boulevard Improvements Project is a high priority project providing north-south connectivity and improving safety and capacity for all users in a vital area of Bend.

REMINDER: FULL CLOSURE of the Neff Road and Purcell Boulevard intersection begins Wednesday, February 22 (See detour map below.)

neff and purcell intersection will be closed during reconstruction beginning February 22

Transportation – Neff-Purcell Improvements and Wells Acres-Butler Mkt Roundabout 2/14/2023

By Mike Whitter | February 14, 2023

Potential Conflicts with construction projects.

Per City’s Project Engineer

The two intersections will not be closed at the same time. The current plan is to close the Neff and Purcell Intersection on February 22nd and construction of the improvements are expected to last until mid to late summer. When the construction of the Neff and Purcell intersection is completed and the closure is removed, then the City will close the intersection at Butler Market and Wells Acres and begin construction of the Roundabout. The timing of the Butler Market and Wells Acres construction is subject to change if there are any construction delays at the Neff and Purcell intersection. During each of the intersection closures there will be detours implemented to keep traffic following.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Evan Malone, PE

Project Engineer

Office: 541-388-5525
Engineering and Infrastructure Planning Department

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