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Please help improve bicycling in Bend – take the community survey

By Mike Whitter | September 16, 2021
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Summary from Transportation Mobility Department: To help us gain a better understanding of local residents’ bike riding experiences in our community as we travel along this path towards a truly multimodal transportation system, we would greatly appreciate your help by taking a public survey hosted for the City of Bend by the League of American Bicyclists. The City has applied

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Empire Corridor Improvements – Weekly Update September 9, 2021

By Mike Whitter | September 10, 2021

Back to School Means Sharing the Road with School-age Pedestrians and Bicyclists

  • Please obey speed laws in school zones.
  • Watch for both pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Allow for extra driving time immediately before and after school.
  • Don’t block the crosswalk when stopped at a red light or waiting to make a turn.


Due to a COVID outbreak, the

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Bend and Deschutes County Transportation Safety Survey

By Mike Whitter | September 9, 2021
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Here’s the problem: 31 people died in Deschutes County traffic crashes last year, despite a significant drop-off in traffic volumes. That was the most fatalities in more than 10 years. Especially at risk are young drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Statistics show the risk of fatalities could be reduced by more than two-thirds if drivers do these four things:

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