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Bend City Council Bans Fireworks

By Mike Whitter | October 7, 2021
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Bend City Council Bans Fireworks The Bend City Council voted to permanently prohibit the sale and use of fireworks in Bend. Post Date: 10/06/2021 8:51 PM  The Bend City Council voted today to permanently prohibit the sale and use of fireworks in Bend. There is currently a temporary restriction on the use of fireworks in Bend that expires in December.

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Bend Chamber of Commerce – WEBINAR Workforce Housing Challenges

By Mike Whitter | October 6, 2021

As business owners and managers know, the lack of affordable housing for our workforce here in Bend is a significant problem and roadblock to a healthy business environment. Certainly, building more houses is a key component to the path forward, but what do the citizens of Bend think when it comes to what, how and where to build the workforce

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Transportation Bond Oversight Committee – Call for Public Comment

By Mike Whitter | October 4, 2021

From Bend Bikes Newsletter:

Call For Public Comment:
The Transportation Bond Oversight Committee will be considering a draft project list and two funding options for the first five years of the GO bond at its next meeting on October 5th from 4 pm – 6 pm. This meeting is one of the pivotal moments for our multimodal transportation future

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